Website crash

Unfortunately there was a problem with the provider of our webserver and we lost the whole website and forum.
We have started to rebuild the whole thing on the SourceForge webserver but there are still some pages missing and images and links broken so please be patient.

We will let you know as soon as we are more or less back to the state before the crash.

Website reorganization

As some may have noticed the website changed a few times during the last few days and will continue to in the next few days/weeks. I am currently working on reorganization the structure of the website to provide more and more information about UMM and Team UMX.

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Pre-Alpha builds available for all registered users

Until yesterday only registered users which signed up for the pre-alpha testing builds were able to download our latest builds. Yesterday we decided to get rid of this restriction and made the builds available to all users which have an account on (every tester which signed up before yesterday has been given the special rank “Official Tester” to express our gratitude). So if you are interested in seeing what we have accomplished so far visit the following URL and look for the thread with the latest builds:

Forum > Testing > Pre-Alpha

Looking for the latest version?
Pre-compiled builds are available in the Bleeding Edge Builds thread.

Attention: For those who consider testing our builds please keep in mind that these are very early builds which can result in crashes. Until now our testing possibilities are mainly limited to Windows and a few tests on Ubuntu so do not test this on your real media files. If you do so nonetheless we can not guarantee that everything works fine.

In addition, full debug logging is enabled, which will slow things down. This can be turned off in the configuration, but please enable it if you are reporting an issue so we can determine what the cause is.

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New website of Team UMX

Welcome to the new website of Team UMX. This website is brand new and under heavy construction. Although you can’t see any actual content right now (besides the forum where all the action is going on) we are working hard on providing some basic information here.

If you don’t have an account here already please go ahead and register. Make sure to check out the forum as there is a lot going on over there.

IMPORTANT notice for all existing users:

As we moved from Joomla to Wordpress as a CMS for our website all your passwords are lost. Here is what you can do:

  • Go to the forum and try to log in
  • As mentioned the login will fail
  • Make use of the “I forgot my password” functionality of phpBB and let it send you a new password to the email address you provided
  • Check your email inbox and come back with the auto-generated password and log in
  • Go to the User Control Panel and change your password to something you can remember

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you run into any problem do not hesitate to contact Montellese, one of the administrators of Team UMX, either by email or with a private message.