Build 2 - rev 261

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Build 2 - rev 261

Postby Spudsdude » Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:48 pm

Build 2 - based off svn trunk version 261 is complete and available for testers

Windows .Net 2.0 with SP1 + System.Core.dll and System.Xml.Linq (from a .Net 3.5 machine) - OR - Mono
Linux Mono - Mediainfo installed for your OS
OSX 10.5 Mono - Mediainfo installed for your OS

Download and extract to c:\program files\umm (winders)
For OSX 10.5 and Linux /usr/bin/umm

Here's what we are looking for in this very early build
- does the app startup under your os
-- try the server, client, remote client, tv show updater
- does the scraper (for movies) all you to select and save an image
(tv shows isn't complete but loading and manual editing should work correctly, use command line update to update info)
- does the file level lock for movies work
- does movie media information update correctly (try it wil .iso files as well as other file types)

Since the test client is hard coded to localhost, you'll have to run both on the same machine. Start the server.. leave it running .. startup the remote client, close it.. reopen and reload, etc.

A ton of questions are going to pop up, this is where you'll need to use the noggin :D and answer each others questions here
Run it on test media. If you don't, and stuff goes haywire, that's your fault.

The user interfaces are not the final user interfaces you'll be using, they are test forms we use to check core items. Some of the final ui's might be similar, like image selection and scraper selection, but that's up to the ui folks.

It's the error's we are concerned with, please be detailed in your bug reports.

Logging is enabled now, and can edit the config by modifing the config.xml file or use the updated config editor

Good luck! you'll need it :D

install notes
You will need to remove your old database files
C:\Program Files\umm\db\mymovies.db
C:\Program Files\umm\db\mytvshows.db

You will need to remove the config.xml file
C:\Program Files\umm\config.xml

You can use the configuration editor to add sources and modify settings
- Note: some parts may be unfinished

Required Downloads you will need to use the app
Windows - .Net 2.0 with SP1 - ... laylang=en

For Linux and OSX - you'll need Mono -
the complete mono package is mono-complete

For specific details on installing mono under 9.04 as well as Ubuntu 9.04 - see this post ... =viewtopic

You can also use mono under windows

sqlite - Linux and OSX
This should no longer be required, please let us know if it fails to work correctly.
//See this topic on how to get it configured ... topic#p260

Mediainfo.dll for Windows 32bit and 64bit is already included

OSX 10.5 ... 2/download

Linux - find your version based on OS
look under "MediaInfoLib - DLL"

Download the archives below.
Windows 64bit - note this build has the wrong sqlite dll, please see this thread - ... =viewtopic
Windows 64bit
(4.05 MiB) Downloaded 117 times

Windows 32bit
Windows 32bit
(3.84 MiB) Downloaded 131 times

OSX 10.5 - requires you install mediainfo for your OS
OSX 10.5 - requires you install mediainfo for your OS
(3.32 MiB) Downloaded 115 times

Linux - requires you install mediainfo for your OS
Linux - requires you install mediainfo for your OS
(3.29 MiB) Downloaded 135 times
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