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bug report example

Postby Spudsdude » Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:24 pm

There's a few ways to report a bug ,lets go over a quick example

Bug Report 1
Bug Report by John Smit
When i try to load movies, nothing works.

-- Ok, that's a bug report, it tells us he is trying to load his movies and that nothing happens.. This is good information to know, however without additional details, we are not going to be able to help with that.
Let's add in some details
Bug Report 1
Bug Report by John Smit
When i try to load movies, nothing works.
OS: Windows XP service pack 2
Movies: located on local drive c:
I click on the load movies option and nothing happens, it doesn't crash, it just doesn't do anything at all.
I downloaded and extracted the pre-alpha build to the correct folder (c:\program files\umm) and then ran the client test application

-- Now that's a better report, but is what they are running into a bug? lets get info from him
Hey John, can you pastebin the log, it's located in c:\program files\umm\logs and will be today's date on it.
Also did you configure the config.xml file to tell it where to put the movies.

(from John)
Ok, i feel dumb, i didn't add my movies folder in there, once i did that it did load all my movies except it gives an error "no results found" when i try to get information for Movie ABCDEFG.
Pastbin of the log is at URL OF PASTEBIN log file

-- Now we have gotten somewhere, we have details and a log file and can try to figure out what is going on

This is an example of how things can be posted where we can help out. That's what we are here to do, and why we are making this application for free. please do your part and try to be as specific as possible and include your log files when posting an issue.
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